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Rules & Public Safety

Businesses, residents and visitors must comply with public health emergency rules established by the County of Maui to safeguard our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Maui County's Public Health Emergency Rules Q&A

Vaccination proof for residents & tourists

Do all guests entering an indoor venues need to be fully vaccinated?

A: Yes, all people must be vaccinated if the venue is indoor.

Do guests visiting a venue outdoors have to be vaccinated?

A: No.

Will the County be accepting non-US vaccination cards like Oahu?

A: Yes, Proof of a US FDA approved or US FDA EUA vaccination (currently  Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson) administered outside the United States  is acceptable for employees and patrons/customers. The establishment should  exercise reasonable discretion in accepting an official immunization record from  outside the United States. One significant factor to consider is whether the  document has enough English to be comprehensible or is in a language the  establishment employees can comprehend. 

My name is changed due  to a nickname or name change under the state’s Safe Travels program. What should I do?

A: The name on the CDC Vaccination Record Card should match the name on the  traveler’s identification. However, a shortened, modified variation or contraction  of a traveler’s name will be accepted if it can be cross referenced with the  birthdate on the CDC Vaccination Record Card and the traveler’s identification. 

Will Maui County allow businesses to accept the Safe Travels account from  travelers who participated in the state’s vaccine exception program?

A: Yes. Under exempt, a business or establishment will be able to see their participation in the State's program.

Does ‘safer outside’ replace the ‘safer at home’ guideline from last week?

A: The most up to date rules in effect will always be posted on  Please follow the latest rules/guidance when they are available.  

Can we get two weeks to prepare like Oahu did? Why do we have one week  to get our employees vaccinated?

A: Testing is allowed to assure compliance, and those that initiate their first  vaccination dose are subject to limited exemptions as detailed above.  

I have a question regarding the ‘safer at home’ policy announced. When the  County says that all individuals are ‘ordered to stay at their residence’ are we  including our workers/staff as well? Also, if the County is asking (or  mandating, I’m not sure which) that guests stay on property, then why would  we restrict their ability to find something to eat with the restaurants only  operating at 50 percent for customers over the age of 12 to show proof of being  fully vaccinated? 

A: The County of Maui recommends staying at a place of residence except for activities  allowed under the rules. Individuals may leave a place of residence to dine in a  food and beverage establishment located on or off-property. 

How long will these rules be in force? 

A: The County of Maui will review the rules on or prior to Oct. 15 to determine if  they should be amended or rescinded. If public health conditions significantly improve before then, the rules may be reviewed earlier. 

Gathering Limits & Commercial Exemptions

Who will be charged with the enforcement of employee vaccination and/or  weekly COVID test? 

A: The business is responsible.

How does the Governor’s SMART Health pass that he just announced fit in  to Maui County’s new restrictions? 

A: It can be used to verify vaccination status. 

Can staff meetings be held in a meeting room/space as a professional event  if there are 10 people or less in attendance?

A: Yes 

Are indoor commercial events less than 50 required to complete a  commercial exemption form? 

A: Yes, indoor Commercial events are not allowed without an exemption 

If a group receives a commercial exemption for their event can they use PUC  licensed passenger vehicles for transport at 100% capacity versus the 50%  operational cap? 

A. Yes, if they have a fully reviewed/approved commercial exemption 

If an air crew needs transportation to their place of lodging, but the crew is  over the 50% operational capacity of the transporting vehicle, does the crew  need to separate into different vehicles, or are they allowed to travel together?

A. Air crews are allowed to travel together to their place of lodging, and may be  considered as a household unit for purposes of transportation. 

Indoor/outdoor classifications for restaurants/employee dining: 
Do we need to ask for vaccine cards if our dining area is outside?  

A: No, you do not need to ask for vaccine cards if the entire service area is outside.

Does management need to ask for proof of vaccination or testing at concierge areas (which usually provide food and beverage) if our seating area is inside?

A: Yes, for indoors, if outside then no vax requirement

Do we need to ask for vaccine cards in our weight room? It currently only  has a max occupancy of four people.

A: Yes. 

For vaccinated patrons dining with children under the age of 12 who can’t  be vaccinated at this time, should a separate outdoor seating area be set up for  minors or can they sit with their parents/guardians? 

A: No, only those 12 or over sitting inside must be vaccinated. 

If we put an identifying vaccination wrist band on a guest at check-in, do we  have to recheck their vaccination status at our restaurant or bar or other F and  B establishment? 

A: No, the business must attest to the verification so if they are comfortable with  a wrist band then that’s okay. 

To clarify, if a guest is not vaccinated but has tested negative can I allow  them into my indoor area of my establishment? 

A: Currently not allowed but being considered in our amended rules 

Pool areas are all outside for the most part, I’m assuming the unvaccinated  can order food and drinks out there or is that restricted as well?

A: Yes, unvaccinated guests may be served outdoors, including poolside. 

If we have a gym on property and if gym patrons all have to be vaccinated,  then is it safe to assume that we need to staff the gym area with someone to  check vaccinations and that employee needs to be vaccinated/tested weekly as  well? 

A: Yes, restaurant and gym/spa staff must be vaccinated or tested weekly.  Unstaffed gyms must have methods to verify vaccination status. 

I have submitted specific pictures of our restaurant at our resort. The patio  of this restaurant has a roof but no walls and we can see the area is outdoors  but the Liquor Department has had a different stance about that. Can we make  sure that the definition given to us by the county is consistent with the  enforcement guidelines they are following? 

A: Please submit your photos and comments to: 

On Oahu there is an interpretation that employee cafeterias are not part of  the vaccination program. What is Maui County’s interpretation for those  cafeteria areas at our properties given these new guidelines and restrictions?

A: Cafeterias serving employees exclusively are not subject to the vaccination  and testing requirements. 

My restaurants all have indoor/outdoor areas and some areas are in between. Will the county be defining which is which? 

A: Please see paragraph 4.b.ii in the Public Health Emergency Rules. Below is a  graphic for additional illustration: 

Proof of vaccination/testing for employees

Does the testing requirements begin on September 15 or is it 7 days after? 

A: It begins on September 15, and will continue on a rolling basis. Employees  subject to the testing requirements should be providing a negative test result  taken once every seven days, starting on September 15. For purposes of  businesses ensuring employees have met the requirements, businesses only  need to ensure a negative test result was received once within that 7-day period for each employee, on a week-to-week rolling basis.  

Does the vaccine/testing include a hotels purchasing department? They  order and move the food around however they do not handle, cook or serve food  and drinks. 

A: Not with the County’s rules, but may be subject to testing or vaccination  requirements with upcoming federal rules 

A few questions in regard to all F&B employees now needing to be fully  vaccinated or test 1x week: 

Does this include all employees in the food service (handlers)  side including pool servers and our club concierge servers?  

A: Yes 

Does it include our purchasing and stewarding teams who are  handling food but not in the service front of house side of it?

A: Not with the County’s rules, but may be subject to testing or  vaccination requirements with upcoming federal rules 

Do musicians who play in restaurant/bar/lounge areas have to be  vaccinated or submit to weekly testing?

A: Yes, if classified as an indoor space 

Do lua’u performers have to prove vaccination/testing status?

A: No, those performing outside do not have to prove vaccination/testing status 

According to one of the reporter questions in the Governor’s press  conference today, state law says if an employer is mandating that an employee  needs to get testing then the employer needs to pay for it. However, if that is the case, and the employer needs to also compensate the employee for the time  they took to get tested, what incentive is there for workers to get vaccinated?  Will the county ask the state to change state law via another emergency  proclamation so that testing is the employees’ responsibility?

A: This concern will be relayed to the Governor and State partners 

What happens if we cannot get all of our food and beverage employees  vaccinations by September 15th? What about employees who have gotten one  shot but are not scheduled to get the second shot until after Sept. 15?

A: Employees who fall into the following categories will not be required to test weekly: 1. Employees who have been fully vaccinated (Fully vaccinated means  that 14 days have passed following a two-dose vaccine series or a single-dose  vaccine.) utilizing a COVID-19 vaccine; 2. Employees who have received the first  dose of a two-dose vaccination series (solely during the 30-day time period  between doses); 3. Employees who are in the 14-day waiting period following their one-dose or two-dose vaccination series. To be exempt from weekly testing,  based on vaccination, proof of COVID-19 vaccination may be requested by the  employer. 

Some medical organizations such as HMSA have said to their members that  they will not provide COVID tests to employees who need it for work, and that  COVID tests were being saved for those that were exposed to others who were  COVID positive. Does the mayor’s announcement change this policy?

A: We have no authority over HMSA’s policies 

COVID tests were already scarce before this. Will there be more testing  clinics provided by the county/DOH? If so how soon can we find out some  details so that we may pass them along to our staff? 

A: The County and State are working with testing vendors to expand capabilities.  Affected businesses or employees may also purchase FDA EUA self-administered  over the counter test kits that could be used by employees. These are available  online, or at CVS/Longs, Walgreens, Target and other locations. The following  are a list of registration sites for free testing clinics around the County: 1), 2), and 3) maui-covid-19.  

When it comes to travel, the restrictions say that if you want to fly via a  vaccine exemption your departure date needs to be two weeks after you get  your final vaccine shot. Does that also apply to employees who are getting  vaccinated? Do they have to wait two weeks afterwards before coming back to  work?

A: No. Employees who are in the process of becoming fully vaccinated are not  required to stay away from work. These employees may also be exempted from  the testing requirements, as detailed in a previous question above.  

Maui County specifically lists restaurant, bars and gymnasiums as having  to have all of our employees either vaccinated or tested weekly. But what about  staff members who work in those areas who aren’t anywhere near food and  beverage? Such as HR or other office administration? 

A: This is not required under County rules, but may be subject to testing or  vaccination requirements with upcoming federal rules 

If an employee has previously tested positive for COVID-19, is that employee  still required to be vaccinated or test weekly? The DOH has said before that  once a person tests positive they have the antibodies needed that would  prevent transmission of the virus. I imagine that means those employees would  be exempt. 

A: An employee that has tested positive for COVID-19 is exempt from the testing  or vaccination requirement for 90 days from the date of the infection

Are there any best practices listed somewhere by the county or state to help  us with verifying the vaccination status or test results? 

A: Smart HEALTH Card: 

Are spas being counted as a type of gymnasium and if so will those  employees have to also be vaccinated/tested? 

A: Yes, gyms, spas, fitness centers, have this requirement.  

Considering that some hotel operations hand out refreshments in the lobby  during check-in, do we need those employees in the lobby to also be vaccinated  and should we be checking guest vaccinations/testing as well in those areas?

A: No 

Does this employee vaccination/testing rule apply to those who work in  banquets and luaus?

A: Yes, for those that handle food and beverages 

Do contract cleaners who clean our restaurants and bars (and hotel gyms)  have to all be vaccinated as well? What if an engineer goes into the kitchen to  fix an oven? I’m just wondering how far to take this mandate.

A: Not required by County rules, but may be impacted by upcoming federal rules 

Can we get a written explanation about the mandatory testing/vaccination  for employees and the indoor/outdoor requirements for those dining in our restaurants/bars? In other words, do our employees who serve food and  beverage in open air environments still have to get vaccinated/weekly testing?

A: Yes, all food establishment employees are required to be vaccinated or test  weekly. Please refer to page 13 in the September 15 rules: Health-Emergency-Rules 

Do golf snack shops, golf snack carts and food trucks need to adhere to the  vaccination/testing rule for employees? 

A: Yes, the rules apply to any employee working in a food establishment 

If a restaurant is entirely “outdoor” dining, do the employees still need to  show proof of vaccination/testing? 

Yes, anyone handling food and beverages. 

Do all employees in the hotel spa need to be fully vaccinated or opt for  testing? 

A: Yes, even those providing outdoor massages. 

Can an employee who has received their first shot be exempt for weekly  testing? 

A. Employees who fall into the following categories will not be required to test weekly: 1. Employees who have been fully vaccinated (Fully vaccinated means  that 14 days have passed following a two-dose vaccine series or a single-dose  vaccine.) utilizing a COVID-19 vaccine; 2. Employees who have received the first  dose of a two-dose vaccination series (solely during the 30-day time period  between doses); 3. Employees who are in the 14-day waiting period following  their one-dose or two-dose vaccination series. To be exempt from weekly testing,  based on vaccination, proof of COVID-19 vaccination may be requested by the  employer.