Trans-Pacific Travelers

All travelers arriving into Maui County must complete the State of Hawaii Safe Travels online application.


Trans-Pacific Travel to Hawaii

International passengers entering U.S. via other U.S. airports will be treated as domestic travelers
Safe Travels program remains in place for all domestic travelers

Effective Nov. 8, 2021, travelers must show prior to boarding their flight:

Non-U.S. Citizens

proof of vaccination AND
negative COVID-19 NAAT or Antigen test within 3 days

U.S. Citizens

proof of vaccination OR negative COVID-19 NAAT or Antigen test within 3 days
not fully vaccinated: negative COVID-19 NAAT or Antigen test within 1 day


Open a Safe Travels Account

Create a Safe Travels account for yourself at:


Take a valid COVID-19 Test

Take a test from one of the trusted partners at the following link:
Travelers entering the state who have been fully vaccinated may be eligible to bypass quarantine without a pre-travel test. To determine if you qualify for a vaccine exception, please visit for more information.


Upload result to Safe Travels account

Upload your test result to your Safe Travels account prior to departure and complete the health questionnaire in your Safe Travels account, which will then generate a QR Code, which will be emailed directly to you from the Safe Travels website.

Frequently Asked Questions

I am fully vaccinated with at least one dose taken in Hawaii, must I take the pre-travel COVID-19 test?

Individuals who are fully vaccinated may be exempted from the pre-travel COVID test requirement and may bypass quarantine with proof of COVID-19 vaccination. The vaccination record document must be uploaded to the traveler's Safe Travels account with a hard copy in hand when arriving in Hawaii.Your vaccine card or CDC certificate will be confirmed upon disembarking your aircraft.  Digital records, including photos, will not be accepted.

"Fully vaccinated" means receiving both doses of the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines or one dose of Johnson & Johnson vaccine, plus completing 14 days after your final dose. Proof of vaccination means presenting your original CDC vaccination card or certificate of vaccination downloaded from the CDC’s Vaccination Administration Management System (VAMS). Please note that falsifying a federal document is a felony punishable by high fines, prison time, or both.‍

I was not vaccinated in Hawaii, can I bypass quarantine with a negative COVID test?

Travelers entering the state of Hawaii from the U.S. and its Territories who were fully vaccinated in the United States (including its Territories) may bypass quarantine without a pre-travel COVID test. The vaccination record document must be uploaded to Safe Travels and hard copy must be presented for confirmaton upon arrival to Hawaii.

If I took the NAAT test, but not from a trusted testing partner, will I be placed under quarantine?


If I took an antigen or antibody COVID-19 test, will I be placed under quarantine?


What if my COVID-19 test results are positive?

If your pre-travel COVID test is positive, please do not travel. Consult with your primary AARC physician.

How long will the quarantine last?

Ten days or the duration of your stay in Hawaii, whichever is shorter.

If I am under a mandatory 5-day quarantine, can I travel to another island?

No. Based on the current Emergency Proclamation by order of Governor David Ige, the mandatory quarantine remands the traveler to their designated quarantine location and nothing additionally. Therefore, if you leave your quarantine site, you could be arrested and/or be subject to a fine up to $5,000.

What are the guidelines while I am under quarantine?

You are to remain under quarantine in your approved quarantine location. All meals or groceries will need to be ordered and delivered to your quarantine location. You must complete the daily check-in, in your Safe Travels account. You may only leave your quarantine location to seek out emergency medical services, in an active emergency.

Could I take another test in order to get out of quarantine?

No. Once you are placed under quarantine, it is for the duration of your stay or you could choose to return to your state of origin.

Why are you requiring a pre-travel test?

Maui County is first and foremost a community, so our top priority is the health and well-being of our residents. The pre-travel COVID-19 test provides an additional layer of protection given the limited healthcare capacity we have within the County.  

What if I lost my original COVID-19 vaccination card?


Currently, a traveler may obtain a copy of their vaccination certificate from the VAMS website. The certificate may be obtained, free of charge, from

Effective June 15, 2021, Governor David Ige removed all inter-county travel restrictions, throughout the State of Hawai'i. As such, there are no extra requirements, other than showing up at the airport with ample time to proceed through standard TSA screening.

For those who have lost their Hawaii COVID-19 Vaccination card

If you lost or damaged your Hawaii COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card and need a replacement, contact the hospital, pharmacy, or community clinic where you received your vaccine.

If you were vaccinated at a Department of Health POD in Hawai‘i County, Kaua‘i County or Maui County, click here to view your District Health Office phone number. Lost vaccination cards cannot be requested in-person at district health offices.

If you got vaccinated at Leeward Community College or Windward Community College, or if you don’t know who operated your vaccination site, call 808-586-8332. The Department of Health does not have the information needed to issue replacement cards for other vaccination sites such as hospitals, pharmacies or community clinics.

What else should I know?

Maui County’s Public Health Emergency Rules remain in full force. Effective May 25, 2021, Governor David Ige's emergency proclamation rescinded a portion of the state’s mask mandate that required people to wear masks outdoors within 6 feet of others. Masks are still required indoors. Other restrictions include reduced occupancy limits in restaurants, retail businesses and activities. Maui Police Department officers regularly cite or arrest those who refuse to comply with the County’s mandatory public health rules.