Donate to Kupu to support paid student jobs in local recovery efforts, environmental restoration, conservation, and sustainability

Supporting Kupu’s response:

Kupu, a youth-focused conservation and sustainability nonprofit, mobilized to support those affected by the recent Maui wildfire disaster, working with partners to provide 100 paid positions to Maui residents. One example, as one of the first steps of this response, Kupu, in partnership with the University of Hawaiʻi Maui College Culinary Arts Program, will mobilize up to 30 UHMC culinary program students in paid positions that will prepare meals for community members impacted by the disaster.

Kupu is able to match new donations nearly one-to-one, doubling the impact of those who give to our relief effort. For every $30,000 raised, nearly $60,000 will be provided to cover the cost of an 11 month paid position. These paid opportunities, which will place participants in conservation or recovery efforts, will create a powerful ripple effect to strengthen the community. Kupu’s proposal doesn’t just address the current crisis; it paves the way for sustained community well-being and environmental restoration. By collaborating with us, you’re contributing to a transformative approach that resonates far beyond the present moment.

Kupu is working with the Maui–serving nonprofit sector to match and place paid service opportunities. For more information, please contact

Please consider a contribution to support this needed initiative by making a gift online and type “For Maui Recovery” in the “Leave a comment” section:

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Founded in Hawaiʻi in 2007, Kupu has operated programs in Maui for over a decade-and-a-half. Along with supporting a network of Maui-based sustainability-focused organizations, Kupu has trained or employed hundreds of youth and young adults in Maui, preparing them for careers in conservation or other green professions. Across the Hawaiian Islands, Kupu’s 5,600-plus participants have removed over 151,000 acres of invasive species, planted more than 1.5 million plants, and managed projects that help communities adapt and address the climate changes happening around them.  

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For Lahaina & Kula residents impacted by the fires

Talk Story with Mayor Bissen

Lahaina and Kula residents who have been impacted by the August fires are invited to talk story with Mayor Richard Bissen. There are several dates to choose from. Each talk story session will welcome up to 30 residents to give folks a chance to share mana‘o and ask questions.

Series of events from December 9 through January 27.