Sometimes called the ‘Melting Pot of the Pacific,’ Hawai‘i is known for its rich multiethnic heritage, Hawaiian host culture and extraordinary natural beauty, which collectively provide a unique foundation for creative, artistic and cultural talents, both traditional and innovative.

Broadly defined, the Creative Industries sector encompasses a wide range of activities including visual, literary and performing arts; cultural heritage and preservation; arts education; culinary arts; film, video, photography, animation and digital arts; design services and architecture; and print and broadcast media.

Creative industries contribute to Maui Nui’s economic and social fabric, providing jobs and income for local residents, enhancing the quality of life for residents, and enriching the experiences of visitors. In recognition of its value and potential for growth, the County of Maui has and continues to support various creative and cultural initiatives, including a new Hawaiian cultural center planned for Wailuku Town.

There are many ways to experience Maui Nui’s creative talents, through concerts and dance performances, stage productions, art exhibits, film presentations, culinary experiences, cultural events, educational activities, and much more.


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