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MPD/FBI Credible List of Unaccounted For Individuals

September 15, 2023, the Maui Police Department (MPD) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released the fourth list of the names of 31 individuals who have been reported unaccounted for following the Lahaina wildfire disaster on August 8, 2023.

Over 3,200 individuals have been reported unaccounted for.  The FBI has determined at least 2,779 of those to be safe, with the remaining comprised of unsubstantiated as they were lacking a first or last name and/or a credible reporter.

The remaining 31 all have an MPD Missing Persons report and are the remaining credible unaccounted for at this time. The FBI and MPD continue to review and vet any new incoming reports of the unaccounted for.

On September 8, 2023, the MPD and FBI released a “third list” with 66 names. The FBI was able to resolve 36 of the 66 individuals as either confirmed deceased or safe and removed them from the “third list.”  Currently, only one new individual has been added to this list as unaccounted for.

In addition, the 80 names of possible unaccounted for from the previous press release have all been vetted and were either found and/or found to be unsubstantiated.

The names on the list were compiled by the FBI and were deemed credible as long as the following criteria were provided:

  • The first and last name of the person who is unaccounted for;
  • A verified contact number for the person who reported the individual as unaccounted for; and/or
  • Additional verified information received reporting the individual as unaccounted for.

The MPD needs the public’s help in providing information on anyone who is reported unaccounted for and whose name is on this list but knows the person can be accounted for.

We need your help in locating as many of these unaccounted for individuals as possible. If you recognize a name on the list and know the person to be safe or if you have additional information about the person that may help us to locate them, please call the FBI at 808-566-4300 or reach us at to provide us with any additional information you may have.

To view the list click on this link: Lahaina Wildfires Unaccounted for Persons list

If you believe an individual is still unaccounted for and their name is not included on the credible list of names, please contact the MPD at 808-244-6400 or email to file a missing persons report.

If you are an immediate family member (parent, sibling, or child) of an individual you believe is still unaccounted for, live on Maui, and want to provide a DNA sample to assist with the identification process, please call 808-270-7771.

If you live outside of Maui, please contact the FBI at 808-566-4300 or go to to receive instructions on how you may provide your DNA in this effort.

While we recognize the importance of public awareness, we also emphasize the sensitivity and privacy surrounding these cases. Our priority is to protect the rights and dignity of those involved, including the unaccounted-for persons and their families. We request that everyone respect their privacy during this challenging time.

The MPD needs the public’s help in providing information on anyone who is reported unaccounted for and whose name is on this list but knows the person can be accounted for.

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