Maui Wildfire Disaster Unaccounted For

Maui Police Department (MPD) Credible List of Unaccounted For / Missing Individuals

As of February 13, 2024, the following are people who have had a missing report filed with MPD:

  • Robert H. Owens
  • Elmer Lee Stevens

If you believe an individual is still unaccounted for and their name is not included on the credible list of names, please contact the MPD at 808-244-6400 or email to file a missing persons report.

If you are an immediate family member (parent, sibling, or child) of an individual you believe is still unaccounted for, live on Maui, and want to provide a DNA sample to assist with the identification process, please call 808-270-7771.

If you live outside of Maui, please contact the FBI at 808-566-4300 or go to to receive instructions on how you may provide your DNA in this effort.

While we recognize the importance of public awareness, we also emphasize the sensitivity and privacy surrounding these cases. Our priority is to protect the rights and dignity of those involved, including the unaccounted-for persons and their families. We request that everyone respect their privacy during this challenging time.

The MPD needs the public’s help in providing information on anyone who is reported unaccounted for and whose name is on this list but knows the person can be accounted for.

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