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We are here to help nonprofits streamline their disaster recovery volunteer coordination and management efforts.

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about Maui VCR

Expand to hundreds of local and visitor volunteers

The "Maui Volunteer Coalition for Recovery" (Maui VCR) is a partnership between the County of Maui Office of Economic Development and a consortium of community stakeholders. This initiative seeks to facilitate the engagement of volunteers in the recovery and rebuilding process through a centralized online portal, supported by POINT, a volunteer management tool.

Access a centralized volunteer system that brings together diverse nonprofits, will enable you to connect with a wider pool of dedicated individuals eager to make a difference. You'll also benefit from free exposure on the County's website and other partner platforms, amplifying your organization's reach and impact within the community.

Participation in the Maui VCR and to sign up on POINT is open to all Hawaii nonprofits at no cost.

We have 4000+ volunteers looking for opportunities every month and can market you for free.

Engage and Retain

Every nonprofit leader knows that keeping volunteers engaged is a crucial part of any strategy. We automate reminder processes to keep them engaged while freeing up time. But that's not all, check out the other features we offer to make your jobs easier 👇

Admins report that, on average, they save five hours per week in administrative tasks by using POINT.

Manage your People and Data

No matter the size of your volunteer program we have features to help you to manage your database, coordinate between admins, uplevel your events, manage groups, and even run separate programs. Basically, a nonprofit wishlist come true 🧡

You get the same CRM functionality as platforms that cost 3X the price.

Track and Report

Automatically tracks and aggregates data to provide your team with easy-to-understand reports. All the data can be cut to get more insights on specific groups, programs, and more.

Reports are prebuilt so you don’t have to spend time making them!

Award-winning Support

Our Coalition has partnered with the highest level of support from our partnership with POINT.

Did you know that POINT's support team has won awards? That's right! We are committed to helping every account get the most out of POINT, which is why we offer several support options.

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This service is completely FREE and could take 1-5 hours to onboard your team.

If you're interested in the prospect of enhancing your volunteer efforts and maximizing your impact, we invite you to take the next step. Please reach out to us back to express your interest or inquire further. Additionally, we are happy to schedule a virtual meeting to share more and answer any questions about the Maui Volunteer Coalition for Recovery and assist you in listing your volunteer needs on our website.

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built on partnerships

Funded by the County of Maui Office of Economic Development, with support and in direct collaboration with the Maui Volunteer Recovery Coalition (MVCR) introduces a collaborative initiative designed to streamline volunteer coordination and management efforts across the island, giving your team efficient internal tools and volunteers a better experience to support you. 

What is the Maui Volunteer Coalition for Recovery?

Cultivate a resilient and compassionate network by streamlining the process for connecting individuals, non-profits, organizations, residents, and visitors to support the Maui community in long-term disaster response, recovery, and restoration activities.

Who can join the Maui Volunteer Coalition?

We have teamed up with POINT is a collaborative volunteer platform that connects communities with local causes. We give you the tools to easily manage your volunteer opportunities and help you find volunteers for your non-profit initiatives. All you have to do is be:

  • A non-profit in Maui County
  • Interested in joining our coalition
  • Reach out by filling out the form above.

How does POINT work for a nonprofit?

POINT’s app and cloud-based volunteer management dashboard is the easiest system for your organization to find and manage volunteers. Plus, it’s totally free. The Maui Volunteer Coalition for Recovery focuses on rallying non-profits across the island and offer them tools to make it easier for your organization to find, manage, and track volunteer activity. Get all the information on how to sign up by filling out our form above.

How can my company or organization use POINT?

No matter the size of your company, we can help engage employees and boost your initiatives for your non-profit to make sure you get the support you're looking for. Fill out the form to get started with our coalition.

Is this free?

For people: ​Our app is completely free!

For nonprofits: ​Believe it or not, Maui Volunteer Coalition for Recovery's volunteer management dashboard is free, just let us know if you're interested in joining. Each nonprofit organization in the MVCR Network will subscribe to POINT separately. With the County of Maui Office of Economic Development sponsoring the Network plan for Maui Volunteer Coalition for Recovery, all qualified 501c3 nonprofits will get a POINT subscription for free with POINT's Buy+Give model.

For religious organizations:​ You’re welcome to have your members use POINT for free. If you’d like to subscribe to POINT to manage and track your social impact there’s a reduced subscription fee for religious organizations. Start by letting us know if you're interested.

For companies: We use an equitable pricing model based on the number of employees in your company. While not free, we strive to make sure our technology is affordable. Plus, with our Buy+Give model when you subscribe to POINT, you are able to gift the same powerful platform to the nonprofits you support!