Healthcare and Wellness has been Maui County’s fastest-growing economic driver since 1990. Employment in this sector has tripled during that time period, and based on data from the Hawaii Department of Labor & Industrial Relations, the Health Care & Social Assistance sector accounted for more than 10% of jobs in Maui Nui in 2022.

With an eye toward future needs, leaders in Maui County have articulated a need to evolve the healthcare system to ensure it can continue to provide comprehensive and quality health care services to the community. Some of the needed changes may encompass healthcare delivery systems; capacity expansion; insurance models; and workforce development, hiring, training and retention, among others.

A number of initiatives have been put forth to support this critical sector, for example, legislation to promote medical and healthcare education for future workers, and a program to address a shortage of available housing for healthcare professionals.

The Wellness category includes a number of activities and practices associated with indigenous, cultural, preventative and alternative approaches. 


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