How can I donate food/supplies if I’m out-of-state or not on Maui?

If you're sending supplies from out-of-state or off-island, you will need to complete the County's online “Maui Wildfire Relief Shipping Donation Form,” which can be accessed through this link. After submitting this form with your donation information, a team member will send you specific shipping/mailing instructions. This streamlined process ensures that your donation will be properly received and directed to the appropriate location(s) on Maui.

How can I donate to help wildfire survivors in Maui?

There are various ways you can contribute to the relief efforts:

  1. Make a monetary donation: You can donate funds to County-endorsed non-profits and community funds.
  2. Donate food/supplies on Maui: You can provide physical supplies by dropping them off at a donation centers on Maui.
  3. Donate food/supplies from out-of-state/off-island: Please complete the official Maui Wildfire Relief Shipment Donation Form and we’ll send you instructions on where to send your donation.

Where can I find a list of County-endorsed non-profits and community funds for monetary donations?

You can find a list of County-endorsed non-profits and community funds by clicking here. This list will guide you to a number of organizations that are actively involved in the relief efforts.

What items are needed the most for the Maui wildfires recovery and rebuilding efforts?

The specific needs for items may change over time, but generally, items like non-perishable food, bottled water, hygiene products, and infant formula and diapers, and new clothing are often in high demand. It’s essential to check with local organizations for the most up-to-date lists of needed items.

Why are monetary donations preferred for the recovery efforts?

Monetary donations enable nonprofits and community organizations to allocate funds where they are needed most at any given time. This flexibility ensures that resources can be directed to address the most urgent and evolving needs in the recovery process. For a list of County-endorsed non-profits and community funds, click here.

Where can I locate Maui centers and local organizations for making supply donations?

To find Maui centers and community organizations that accept supply donations, we recommend checking our Donate Supplies page. This webpage provides a comprehensive list of donation drop-off locations on Maui and information about local organizations and groups that are actively involved in receiving supplies. Additionally, you can also reach out to government agencies, disaster relief organizations, or explore community bulletin boards and social media groups for further details on specific needs and donation opportunities in Maui.

Can I donate my time or skills to help with the recovery efforts?

Yes, many organizations often require volunteers with various skills to assist in recovery efforts. You can reach out to local nonprofits or volunteer organizations to inquire about opportunities to donate your time and expertise.

Can I donate specific items like furniture or appliances to help the recovery efforts?

While specific items like furniture and appliances may be helpful, it’s essential to coordinate with local organizations to ensure that your donations align with current needs. The needs can vary depending on the stage of recovery, so it’s best to check with relevant organizations for guidance on what items they are currently accepting.