January 16, 2024

County encourages local businesses affected by August wildfires to participate in survey

The County of Maui Office of Economic Development (OED) is reaching out to local businesses impacted by the August wildfires to participate in a survey aimed at assessing the health of their business and current and future needs.

The Maui Business Health Check survey, initiated by the OED, seeks feedback from businesses affected by the wildfires, with the intent of understanding the challenges they face and identifying areas where support and resources can be directed.

Businesses are urged to complete the online survey by Feb. 29, 2024. Click here to begin the survey.

“We strongly encourage local businesses to participate in this survey, as their feedback will offer important insights into how their needs may have evolved since the wildfires, and how they envision the trajectory of their businesses moving forward,” said Luana Mahi, OED director. “This survey will provide us with a clearer understanding of their current position and the resources necessary to support them, addressing both immediate requirements and future needs.”

The insights gathered will help shape the County’s strategies for economic recovery and assist in guiding the Maui Economic Recovery Commission (ERC) as part of its mission.

The Maui ERC, spearheaded by the State of Hawai‘i Departmental of Business, Economic Development & Tourism and the County of Maui OED, is dedicated to revitalizing Maui’s economy after the 2023 wildfires. Comprising community leaders, the ERC embraces diverse perspectives across various sectors.

Business owners may also access the survey via the County’s new community feedback hub “Ko Maui Nui Mana‘o” on the MauiNuiStrong.info website. To access the hub, click on “Your Feedback” in the top navigation bar. Other opportunities to provide feedback on a variety of programs and initiatives will be posted on Ko Maui Nui Mana‘o  in the near future.

For more information, contact the Office of Economic Development at economic.development@mauicounty.gov or visit www.mauicounty.gov/OED.