October 7, 2023

County of Maui releases series of video messages for the Maui community and its visitors

As the phased reopening of West Maui begins, the County of Maui is distributing a series of videos for the Maui community and its visitors.

The first features Maui County Mayor Richard T. Bissen, who acknowledges the road ahead will not be easy, but pledges Maui County’s resources and continued aid to all affected by August’s wildfires.

The second video features Maui community members and provides both instruction and heart to a message for visitors. Long-time Maui Kumu Hula and educator Hōkūlani Holt, Ph.D. anchors the video which also features Kumu Hula and proprietor of cultural retail boutique Native Intelligence Kapono‘ai Molitau, visitor industry cultural manager Oralani Koa and Hāloa Dudoit, a community organizer and youth baseball coach.

“As we welcome people to our home, we want visitors to understand that our island is making its way through a devastating tragedy,” said Mayor Bissen. “The hope is that people will come to Maui with sensitivity and compassion. “There will be challenges in our path of recovery, but we remain Maui Strong.”


Mayor’s Message Video

Message to Visitors Video

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