March 4, 2024

County seeks owners of 21 unclaimed vehicles salvaged from Lahaina wildfire zone

The County of Maui is seeking the owners of 21 intact vehicles that are currently being held in a County lot. These 21 vehicles were removed from the disaster zone for debris cleanup progression, and were deemed salvageable based on their appearance of little to no visible outer damage to the vehicle. The County makes no warranty regarding the condition of any of these vehicles.

Unless they are claimed by owners, the vehicles will be disposed of on April 1, 2024, according to the County of Maui Environmental Protection & Sustainability, Abandoned Vehicles & Metals (EPS/AVM) Section.

Owners can see their vehicle before deciding whether they want to claim the vehicle or request that it be scrapped at no cost to the owner. Belongings can be retrieved from inside the vehicle; having the vehicle title will not be necessary. The County EPS/AVM Section would need to confirm an owner’s identity to ensure it matches the name on the title based on County Division of Motor Vehicles & Licensing records.

The vehicles have been towed to a storage yard. If the owner of the vehicle does not contact the Maui County Abandoned Vehicles office, the vehicle will be towed to Hammerhead Metals on April 1, 2024 to be scrapped. Owners wishing to claim vehicles must call (808) 270-6102 before March 31, 2024.

Vehicle owners may also call the Abandoned Vehicles Office at (808) 270-6102 with questions or to discuss actions to be taken.

The majority of the intact/not-burned vehicles from public roadways in the burn zone were left in place. This list includes the only vehicles that were required to be moved sooner due to debris removal, and are still in possession of the County:

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