November 30, 2023

Tis' the Season of Giving

Acts of kindness go a long way. This holiday season, let's actively support our local community, especially those impacted by the August wildfires on Maui, by...

Donate to a Cause

Support non-profits and charitable organizations

Take an active step in giving back to our community by donating to local organizations and charities that make a difference in Maui County.

Donate today

Support survivors directly on vetted GoFundMe fundraisers

Empower a local family or business by initiating a GoFundMe campaign, spreading the word through Maui-based social groups and networks.

Donate to vetted Maui Wildfires Relief Fundraisers

​Host your own fundraiser to benefit wildfire survivors

Rally friends and neighbors to organize a fundraising event at a local venue or online to support a cause close to your heart, such as families or individuals impacted by the Maui wildfires.

How to Host your own GoFundMe

​Donate non-perishable foods

Go out of your way to collect and donate non-perishable food items to Maui's local food banks to ensure everyone has food on their table this holiday season.

Donate Supplies

Volunteer to Support the Community

Find a Charity

Actively engage with Hands on Maui County or the Maui Volunteer Center to find volunteer opportunities that resonate with you, from helping at shelters to environmental cleanup efforts. Take the initiative to volunteer at a nearby soup kitchen or community center, actively contributing to serving warm meals or helping with holiday distributions for those in need.

Find Volunteer Opportunities

Attend local events to support entertainers and nonprofits

Actively participate in and promote local events that support our island's artists and nonprofits, contributing to their success and impact.

Find a local Event

Other Ways to Support

Offer Housing

If you have property or know of properties available for rent and want to support survivors, there are programs to support the families and individuals who have been displaced.

If you know someone affected by the fire and is looking for housing, please let them know there are Housing Resources here.

Offer Housing

​Support our islands' small businesses

Prioritize buying locally by exploring Maui Nui First. Actively seeking out and purchase goods from our island's small businesses, especially those who have lost so much as a result of the wildfires.

Support Maui Nui First

Help families this holiday season

Support a family impacted by the wildfire this holiday season by providing essentials, clothing, toys, and comforting items to help rebuild their lives in Maui County.

Support Families

Donate blood at the Maui Blood Bank

Actively participate in saving lives by donating blood at the Maui Blood Bank, contributing to the islands' healthcare system. One unit of blood can save up to three lives!

Make an appointment

Encouraging action can inspire real change and foster a stronger sense of community engagement during the holiday season in Maui County.

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