Apply for a financial aid from the Catholic Charities Hawaii (CCH) State Homeless Emergency Grants Program for households at-risk of homelessness or homeless trainsitioning to housing

Open and accepting applications for this year from July 17, 2023 – June 30, 2024, and will reopen July 1, 2024 for a new cycle of applications.

The State Housing Emergency Grant program is only for households or persons at-risk of homelessness or homeless transitioning to housing.

To qualify for program screening, clients must first meet two requirements:

  1. Be homeless or be at risk of homelessness. To be considered homeless, the client needs a state Homeless Verification Letter. To be considered “at-risk” of homelessness, the client must have a current 45-day eviction notice.
  1. Be able to prove their long-term “sustainability.” The client must be able to show through a source of income (employment, SSI, etc) that they can pay their rent and other obligations moving forward. This program is a one-time help program to get people into housing or to remain housed. Funds are very limited.

▪ Household income at or below 50% Area Median Income

For assistance, please contact:

Maui: (808) 873-4673
(808) 521-4357
Hawai‘i: (808) 933-4357
Kaua‘i: (808) 241-4673

Or call our main Help Line: (808) 524-4673.


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