Get access to mobile, essential services (medical, physical, emotional, and legal support) for the unhoused with Maui Rescue Mission

We are on the ground responding to Maui Wildfires.

The Maui wildfires have left many residents now homeless across the island, intensifying the existing housing crisis here on island. Maui Rescue Mission will continue to serve the unhoused community in every way we can in the immediate and long term. Every day, we are still locating our unsheltered friends and working to get to everyone we have not seen since the fire.

Our pop-up outreach provides free laundry service, private hot showers, hygiene and first aid items, clothing, connections to other resources such as food, shelter, medical insurance and medical appointments, detox and rehab, ID replacement, etc. This access to physical, spiritual, and emotional resources provides a support system for struggling Maui families & individuals. While our guests are waiting for their clothes to be washed and dried, we have an hour of opportunity to build relationships and learn more about their emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

Offering Access to Resources, Relationships and Support

Thanks to our on-site partnerships and dedicated volunteers, our guests experiencing homelessness have access to the following resources when they attend our mobile resource center outreaches every week:

  • Showers, laundry, and bathroom facilities
  • Hygiene, first-aid items, and clothing
  • WiFi and cell phone charging station
  • Transportation coordination to/ from necessary resources
  • Help with airfare (situation depending)
  • Prayer, friendship & support

Malama I Ke Ola Health Center

  • Medical Insurance and Medical Appointments
  • On-site Wound Care
  • Tele Health
  • Substance use councilor

Project Vision

  • SNAP/ EBT assistance
  • Eye exams and reading glasses

Legal Aid Society

  • ID replacement
  • Legal assistance
  • Citation and court assistance

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