Apply for FEMA Funding for Crisis Counseling Assistance & Training Program (CCP)

About the Crisis Counseling Assistance & Training Program

The CCP is a short-term disaster relief grant for states, U.S. territories, and federally recognized tribes. CCP grants are awarded after a presidential disaster declaration. CCP funding supports community-based outreach, counseling, and other mental health services to survivors of natural and human-caused disasters.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) funds and implements the CCP as a supplemental assistance program to support mental health assistance and training activities in presidentially declared major disaster areas.

Through an interagency agreement, the Disaster Behavioral Health Branch of the SAMHSA Center for Mental Health Services (CMHS) works with FEMA to provide technical assistance, consultation, and training for state and local mental health personnel. CMHS also is responsible for CCP grant administration and program oversight.

Regular Services Program (RSP)

  • The Regular Services Program (RSP) is a CCP grant program that provides disaster relief assistance for up to nine months after a major disaster declaration.
  • The RSP application is due 60 days after the date of a Presidential major disaster declaration that includes IA.
  • FEMA provides funds for up to nine months from the date of the notice of award.
  • SAMHSA awards and monitors the RSP federal award in coordination with FEMA.

Click here for info on how to apply for RSP funding from the CCP's grant program.

To learn more about program milestones and managing a CCP, access the CCP Resource Toolkit.

FEMA's Crisis Counseling Assistance & Training Program Fact Sheet
Learn about Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training grants
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