Donate to the Hungry Heroes Hawaii (HHH) Maui Fires Aloha Response Team (ART)

Your Immediate Assistance Is Needed.

Contribute to our service of 600 fresh meals per day, provide daily supplies, and help restore communities.

We are currently establishing multiple kitchens on the west (Lahaina) side of the island to starting cooking. We are using these funds to buy thousands of pounds worth of produce per week from local farms, wholesale direct. We have decided this is the most sustainable, long-term solution for providing fresh, healthy, hot meals to people on the Lahaina side of the island. This keeps the local farms in business so they can continue to grow food for the people of Maui moving forward, they are the back-bone of our community! We have been providing services to those in need on Maui for over 3 years and are grateful for the connections we have made along the way to bring this all to life. We feel this is the best way to continue to support both the farms (who have been donating food to us for years) and the residents who have been impacted by these fires.

We are also still cooking 300+ meals a day out of our usual kitchen at Anuhea Chapel and delivering to those who are living in their vehicles and/or on the streets all over the rest of the Island.

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