Request or offer housing through community resource for long-term housing, Maui Hale Match

Connecting Hawaiʻi homeowners to displaced Maui locals - A community resource for long-term housing

Signup to list your home and immediately connect with displaced families that match your home’s parameters: location, number of bedrooms, monthly rent, etc. Once you connect, take the lease conversation offline and proceed as you see fit.

Maui Hale Match has no financial assistance component, but if you connect with a FEMA-eligible family, they will likely qualify for FEMA rental assistance.


  • Immediately connect with local displaced families who match your listing
  • Handle the lease process as you desire
  • Your potential tenant may qualify for FEMA rental assistance.

Over 10,000 residents lost their homes in the Maui wildfires of August 2023. This platform was built after seeing that our neighbors needed an efficient way to connect with each other, as landlords and renters. And, we realized that by collecting our community’s housing requests in one place, we can share important statistics to inform decision making and empower data-driven solutions to our housing problem.

We truly hope this tool helps you, whether you are looking for a stable home or offering one to the community.

Renters: Request Housing

Landlords: Offer Housing

Landlords: Direct Lease

Landlords are needed

Maui has 12,000+ Short-Term Rentals and 12,000+ Second Homes. We must house 3,000+ Displaced Families

Maui can house it’s displaced families, but owners of short-term rentals and second-homes must open their hearts and homes. Offer Housing

Maui Data & Statistics

By collecting families’ housing needs in one place, we offer a uniquely powerful view into Maui’s housing crisis. We encourage government leaders, community organizations, builders, developers, and anyone else shaping our housing solutions to use this data to make informed decisions.

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For questions & any issues, please contact:

Maui Hale Match is a project of Maui Rapid Response.

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