MEO & National Farmworker Job Training Program (NFJP)

Have you worked on a farm or ranch for 30 days and/or earned at least $800 within the last two years?

If so, you might be eligible for the National Farmworker Jobs Program. NFJP is a job training and employment assistance program for farmworkers and their families. Our Case Managers provide assistance in finding employment, job training, educational opportunities and support services.

This assistance is offered at no cost to the participants.

How does the National Farmworker Job Training Program work? 

Program participants have confidential, direct relationships with staff. We are ready to help you grow and thrive! Call or email us today!

Dee Kahuhu - Program Manager p) 808-243-4368 e)

Suzette Bacarro - Case Manager p) 808-243-4369 e)

Uilani Ah Chan - Case Manager p) 808-243-4370 e)

To learn more, see the Farmworker Benefits and Farm Benefits flyer.

To apply to the NFJP, fill out this MEO application.

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