In response to this devastating event, was launched and formed as a non-profit organization to help rebuild our community.

Our mission is not just about reconstructing structures; it’s about restoring hope, dignity, and a sense of normalcy for all affected by the fires.

Boots On The Ground Maui is a grass roots organization focused on funding solutions by way of grants and donations to the housing crisis which has been immediately magnified by the Lahaina Fires of August 8, 2023. BOGM gives immediate free aid to those that lost homes, belongings and loved ones. No red tape, no paperwork and no delays on support. Spearheaded by Kim & Kai McLaughlin, long time residents of Maui and their business partners Derek & Ashley Hyman – Ohana; they are committed to doing everything possible to restore this special community. With the recent tragedy of the Lahaina fires which completely destroyed historic Lahaina Town and surrounding neighborhoods, we have quickly assembled a non profit organization to better serve both the community and the donors that are contributing to aid in rebuilding.

Co-Founders Kim and Kai McLaughlin, a local Realtor specializing in sales and rentals and Kai a 10-year veteran Fire Fighter II on Rescue Company A Watch, along with Ashley and Derek Hyman, vice president of Customer Success and Derek the Founder of Scalable Growth immediately mobilized within 24 hours of the deadly fires. Generous funds and donations from within their network made it possible to meet with families and individuals as soon as the next day to help them acquire items and needed supplies to help them stabilize while coping with shock and trauma of the tragedy. Real Estate clients began opening up their homes instantly and they began placing families in free housing. Kim and Kai along with other members of their operation ran convoys of large supply amounts to West Maui daily, aiding in bringing much needed food, fuel, clothing, children’s items, water, toiletries and much more. Despite reports of looting, robbing and unsafe conditions in various areas-the team felt the need outweighed any risk involved and moved forward with their convoys of supply chains.

The Ohana Restoration Grant

Introducing the "Ohana Restoration Grant" the first of its kind with the initial monies focused on supporting the Maui Fire Department (MFD) Families. Please join us in supporting the local Fire Fighters! Over the past few weeks, these brave firefighters have not only been dealing with the personal devastation of losing their homes, but they've also continued to serve our community in the recovery efforts. They've been balancing the emotional turmoil of personal loss while selflessly prioritizing the safety and well-being of others.

These funds will provide much-needed support as they navigate through this challenging time. Whether it’s used for temporary housing, rebuilding efforts, or simply to cover daily living expenses during this difficult period, these grants offer a helping hand to our brave firefighters and their families.

Our deadline for raising these funds is the 9/11 ceremony at the Kahului Fire Station. It’s a poignant time to remember the sacrifices made by firefighters everywhere and to give back to those in our local community who’ve given so much.

How You Can Get Involved

Please consider becoming a part of the BOGM Ohana by contributing either financial support, skilled volunteer work or both. Our members are boots on the ground daily and working tirelessly to fight for community stability on many levels which is so desperately needed. This is your chance to be a part of something truly impactful! Whether you’re a long-time resident, a newcomer to the island, or just someone who loves Maui from afar, there are plenty of ways to join us:

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