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Immediately upon the outbreak of the Maui fires, a group of friends came together to bring food and supplies to those impacted. They founded Fresh Help Maui, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting those in need with daily meals and supplies including clothing, transportation, gasoline, and more as needs continue to evolve. Fresh Help Maui continues to adapt and grow. As members of our community, we aim to aid the regrowth of Maui through supporting individuals as well as local businesses. We are proud to have helped hundreds of families in need.  Supporting those impacted will be a multi-year effort. Our focus immediate focus is on those displaced or in any kind of need due to he Maui fires.

Help Our Cause

Your generous support and contributions will enable us to sustain support, rebuild lives and our Maui community. Donate to Fresh Fish Maui

Fresh Help Maui uses donations to provide meals, clothing and supplies to those impacted by the fires.

Volunteer with Fresh Fish Mauiʻs efforts by emailing or filling out their online form here.

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