Volunteer or donate to local, community-led emergency relief distribution hub, Nāpili Holo

Nāpili Park Emergency Community Resource Center

'Nāpili Noho' is a community based emergency distribution hub at the Nāpili Park in Lahaina. We distribute donated foods, produce, dry goods, warm meals, hygiene items, clothing & more. We also serve as a site for health services, lomi lomi, job & benefit assistance, child care, tutoring, notary, internet access & more as available. Our focus is on those most directly effected & displaced by the Lahaina fire disaster.

We are open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday 10-4, and Fridays 10-5. We are closed Sundays & Wednesdays to the public (for hub organization). We encourage you to share our services with those you know in need, and to partner with us, volunteer with us, and donate to our cause. Nāpili Noho is a lifeline for many.


We are supported 100% by donations & volunteers. Nāpili Noho is a family oriented site where our goal is to do our best to meet the needs of the community impacted by the Lahaina fire, create a space for healing, hope and aloha. Donations & volunteers are welcomed and encouraged to help us sustain this critical service until such a time it is no longer needed. We believe in and support the collective effort of the community coming together to serve each other. Together we will get through this, everyone doing what they can.

Our Kuleana

Recognizing the value of food to all of our cultures here in Lāhainā, we focus on our community’s food insecurity and need for community services and events, Nāpili Noho provides the following:

  • Our grocery store provides one daily shopping visit to those affected by the fires, serving over 800 households each week. We offer fresh produce, canned and dry goods, dairy, meat, personal hygiene items, and cleaning supplies.
  • We also continue to provide other services such as Lomi Lomi, Keiki events and more here at Napili Park.

The donations & support from people like you are what fuel us to do this every single day. This page describes the various ways you can take part in supporting our mission.

You can help by Volunteering or Donating. You can help us by providing our hub with items on our Daily Onsite Needs List or items on our Amazon Wishlist that go directly to both running our hub & gifting supplies to those in the Lahaina community that are vetted and in need as a result of the disaster. You can share your special skills or resources by Partnering with us. And you can not only give tax deductible monetary donations, but you can also donate important items like Camping Gear or large Tents or urgently needed Forklifts.

Nāpili Noho Daily Needs List

This is our Nāpili Noho Daily Onsite Needs List that changes daily and tallies items we need onsite for both keeping our hub running, and to distribute to those in need.

*You can deliver any items on this list directly to our hub at Nāpili Park (at the lower parking lot) between 10am & 4pm everyday except Wednesday & Sunday. For more information on larger donations or anything pertaining to our daily needs list contact our leadership at

Your generous donations of daily items on this list are an immediate & direct way you can support us to help those in need.

Aloha Mahalo Nui!


Our needs are continually changing. These links are updated often to reflect our needs, where we keep a list of supplies that help us serve the community: Amazon Wishlist, Monetary Donations

Providing us with items on Nāpili Noho's Amazon Wishlist is another immediate & direct way you can help us support those in need.


Financial donations are crucial for our operations and long term plans as our journey is fueled by the contributions of volunteers and donors like you. Click the donate button and use a credit or debit card, or paypal account and contribute to the 'Maui Emergency Relief Fund' that goes directly to Napili Noho and our mission helping those in need to heal and recover from the disastrous Lahaina fire.

Mahalo for your tax deductible contributions. Donate to Nāpili Holo


We believe in the collective power of our community. Come join us; let's rebuild and rise together. Please help Napili Noho by signing up for a volunteer shift. Your volunteer hours matter as every hour donated fuels us forward and is less money that Maui will have to repay FEMA. Click the volunteer button, make a shift account and then you can sign up for volunteer shifts. Once you are in your account remember to click the small grey buttons for shift times. Aloha Mahalo Nui for your efforts!

Sign up to volunteer at Nāpili Holo community hub.

To volunteer, click the sign up button, make a 'Shift' account, then you can sign up for Napili Noho Shifts. (only 1 person can reserve shifts per account)

Check their websites for their latest schedules and volunteer opportunities.


We are always excited to connect with community partners. Just click the 'Partner Sign Up' button and fill out the simple google form. Tell us your info and services or specialty to support Napili Noho with. Aloha Mahalo Nui for your efforts!


This initiative has received verbal support from local and state governments and is spearheaded by Kaipo Kekona, current president of the Hawai'i Farmers Union. Join us in this effort to meet the needs of our community until Lahaina is reborn. We welcome your support. Mahalo!

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