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Make an impact on students and schools by seeking a teaching job in the vibrant and unique Islands of Hawai‘i.

Searching for the right teaching position in Hawai‘i for the school year?Teach For America (TFA) could be a great option for you. Whether you’ve taught for several years, you’re making a career change into education, or you’re just graduating from college, TFA is a unique opportunity to make an impact in students’ lives and serve the Hawaiian Islands. Teach For America’s mission is to eliminate educational inequity by enlisting a diverse group of leaders who work to expand educational opportunities and provide all children with an excellent education. Teach For America recruits college graduates of all backgrounds to teach for two years in under-resourced schools and communities, trains and develops their leadership competencies, and fosters their impact as alumni of our program to affect educational inequity from many sectors. Redefine Your CareerLearn more about teaching in Hawai'i, and apply to teach as part of the Teach For America corps today.

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Teaching Certification and Graduate School

Teach For America Hawaiʻi facilitates a state-approved and nationally accredited teacher education program. By completing TFA Hawaiʻi’s Alternative Route to Certification (ARC) program, you will be recommended for licensure in the State of Hawaiʻi typically at the end of your first year as a corps member.

Some certification courses are through our two university partners, both of which offer an optional Master's degree as a continuation of your certification courses.

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