Volunteer for local transportation assistance driving supplies, evacuees, volunteers, and keiki to schools on the West side

In the face of adversity, the resilience and unity of the Maui community have never been more crucial. We believe in the power of coming together – both in offering assistance and seeking it. Our combined efforts and shared aloha spirit will be the driving force that helps Maui rebound from these challenging times. Let’s stand united, ensuring that every individual finds the support they need and every helper finds a meaningful way to contribute.

In the wake of the Maui wildfire’s impact on the Lahaina community, Hawaii Tours responded with profound care for our Maui Ohana. Swiftly recognizing the urgency, we orchestrated a compassionate initiative to deliver essential food and beverage supplies to those directly affected by the disaster. This act of support transcended immediate relief, serving as a testament to our enduring commitment to the well-being and recovery of our Maui Ohana. Through this endeavor, we aimed to offer both solace and practical assistance during these trying times, reinforcing our deep-rooted bond with our fellow residents as they navigate the challenges arising from the wildfire’s aftermath. Our unwavering dedication to Maui fuels our determination to stand together and provide strength in times of adversity.

Volunteer to aid Maui

Driver / Vehicle Sign Up

We always need more help moving supplies around the island. This could be building supplies, food, medicine, people, pets or fuel.

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Hawaii Tours Maui Relief Coordinator

You can reach our on-island relief coordinator – Chris Ishizaka at:

  • Email:
  • Please text: (808) 500-2018
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