Volunteer to help the upcountry Kula recovery community through Mālama Kula programs

Mālama Kula is an action-oriented, results-driven organization that was formed to provide disaster relief in response to the Kula Fire, but also also aims to address current challenges facing the Kula community.

Currently the work days and service projects are ongoing 2-3 times per week, and work days vary depending upon weather, site location, contractor availability, etc. Contact the Mālama Kula for more details at to find our more about how to volunteer today.

Visit to see our services, programs, aid, and support for the town and residents of Kula to help Kula fire victims recover.

Kula Disaster and Fire Relief

From day one of the Kula Fire, the Mālama Kula team had boots on the ground and rallied to help serve our neighbors. We’re committed to offering that same level of support in the event of future disasters.

Kula Community Work Days

Want to help out, volunteer, and make a difference? Join in one of service projects that help make Kula the clean, beautiful, community-oriented town that we’re all proud to call home.

Email to find our more about how to volunteer today.

Our Purpose

Mālama Kula is an organization based in Kula, Hawaii, that helps provide programs, funding, and services toward community cleanup, disaster relief and mitigation, invasive species management, challenges facing the area’s rural and agricultural economy, and social networking and educational events that help foster and strengthen community.

It advocates for services that will help protect property, life, infrastructure, and health, and manages educational programs that not only highlight the area’s rich history from a cultural and ecological perspective, but also provide training toward skills and knowledge that benefit the Kula community."

What Programs Does Mālama  Kula Currently Support?

The amount of need in our Kula community became glaringly apparent when we nearly watched our town go up in flames.

From providing immediate disaster relief to victims affected by the fire, to programs and services for green waste, air sampling/testing, and Axis deer fencing, our programs aim to address underserved services where our community is in need of support.  

Click here to see all of our upcountry programs:

• Kula Green Waste Removal

• Air, Soil, and Human Health Testing

• Kula Disaster and Fire Relief

• Axis Deer Fencing And Support

• Kula Curbside Recycling

• Neighbors Hiring Neighbors

• Infrastructure Advocacy

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