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The County of Maui on Thursday released a validated list of the names of 386 individuals who have been reported unaccounted for following the Lahaina wildfire disaster on August 8, 2023. The names are being provided to the public in an effort to help identify anyone who can be accounted for. The names on the list were compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and were deemed validated as long as the following criteria was provided:

  • The first name of the person who is unaccounted for 
  • The last name of the person who is unaccounted for 
  • A verified contact number for the person who reported the individual as unaccounted for

The Maui Police Department needs the public’s help in providing information on anyone who is reported unaccounted for and whose name is on this list, but know the person can be accounted for. 

If you recognize a name on the list and know the person to be safe, or if you have additional information about the person that may help locate them, please contact the FBI at (808) 566-4300 or as soon as possible.

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Maui Gold Pineapple

Common Ground Collective: Volunteers Needed

Feb 20


Feb 21

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Come be a part of this rewarding experience and lend a helping hand to those in need. Let's make an impact, one box at a time! 💖 We're looking for 15 fantastic volunteers each day to help assemble produce boxes. 📦💪‍

Disaster relief efforts
Volunteer opportunities
Azeka Shopping Center

Volunteer: CoconutLine

Feb 22


Feb 24


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CoconutLine has been providing free items to those impacted by the disaster. Volunteers needed every Thur, Fri, Sat at our two shops in Azeka. Help keep the shops tidy and assist guests as they come in to shop.

Disaster relief efforts
Volunteer opportunities

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