Resident Population

3,367 (2000-2020)


141 sq. miles

Highest elevation

3,366 ft

Highest point


County Seat

At 141 square miles, Lāna’i is the smallest of Maui Nui’s populated islands, with 97% of its land area zoned as Agricultural or Conservation. Notably, 98% of the island belongs to a single owner, billionaire Larry Ellison.

Lāna’i was once marketed as “The Pineapple Isle” due to its history as the site of the world’s largest pineapple farm. As its pineapple operations wound down in the 1980s, the island’s resorts began to be developed. Today, Lāna’i is simultaneously luxurious and rugged, offering world-class accommodations and amenities as well as nearly 90,000 acres of open space and 400 miles of unpaved trails. Efforts are also underway to develop and manage sustainable solutions such as conservation programs, freshwater supply and hydroponic agriculture.

According to 2020 U.S. Census Bureau data, Lānai’s population was 3,367, more than half of whom identified as being of Asian heritage. The island’s sole town is Lāna’i City, and its two primary transportation links are Lāna’i Airport (LNY) and Mānele Small Boat Harbor.

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Maui County Economy

The County of Maui Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (2022) offers an in-depth look at Maui Nui’s economic drivers, challenges, opportunities, priorities, and strategies. Developed with extensive input from hundreds of community members representing a diverse range of communities and sectors, the report outlines an economic roadmap for Maui Nui across multiple economic and geographic clusters.

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