Apply for rental assistance from Family Life Center

Family Life Center operates and partners with other organizations to provide emergency shelter. We prioritize shelter based on vulnerability and need. Our shelters serve as a stepping stone to permanent housing.

The housing team provides financial assistance for individuals and families in need. Our Case Managers walk through the process to ensure a smooth transition from homelessness into permanent housing. With Rapid Rehousing, it is our goal to help them obtain permanent housing as quickly as possible, using a Housing First approach. This means we eliminate barriers to housing, such as sobriety requirements. After they are housed, we help them to develop a support network and connection to the community.

Apply for assistance:

• In Maui: click here for the application. Call 808-877-0880.

• In Kauai: click here for the application. Call 808-212-0850.

For assistance in-person:

*If you are not comfortable completing an online application or need help attaching and sending us documents, we offer a workspace in our office where one of our staff members can provide you with assistance.

Simply message us using the web form on the “Contact Us” page to schedule an appointment, or email


Ho’olanani is our low-barrier shelter open to families. Find out more about our shelter, Ho’olanani which is located in Kahului, Hawaii. Ho’olanani is a housing-focused shelter. Through our shelter, we meet immediate basic needs but do so with a desire of resolving the person’s homelessness. We focus on permanent solutions to each person’s homelessness. Ho’olanani offers daily meals, case management, and life skills opportunities to our shelter participants.

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