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Hawai’i Career Acceleration Navigator delivers data-driven career recommendations for you to explore new career paths that may leverage your skills in a new way, boost your income, or for which there are many jobs available in Hawai’i. When you find a new career that interests you, you can explore available jobs and training programs within that career.

The Hawaii Department of Labor & Industrial Relations (DLIR) today announced the launch of the Hawaiʻi Career Acceleration Navigator (HI CAN), a digital hub connecting unemployment insurance (UI) claimants and jobseekers to high-impact career pathways. The HI CAN platform will help residents searching for a new job and those looking to transition careers, emphasizing supporting those receiving UI benefits for the next steps in their career journey.  HI CAN will also help those eligible for additional social services efficiently connect to the programs they need for a successful career transition.

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