Get free equine therapy sessions upcountry at The Spirit Horse Ranch

The Spirit Horse Ranch is a certified Trauma Informed Care Facility open to all in our Maui community. We are offering free sessions with equine-assisted interventions that foster healing, resilience, and emotional well-being, grief support in a beautiful environment with horses as our partners. ❤️

The Spirit Horse Ranch offers grief support, crisis intervention, mental health, well-being counseling, and now offering an amazing technique called "brainspotting" to facilitate trauma healing and recovery. The trauma has affected EVERYONE and our island is in shock and grieving and we are available to help during this time. Our program is a ground based non-riding trauma Informed care equine assisted program. Sign up today to help with equine therapy sessions with the Spirit Horse Ranch for trauma-informed care for all ages: grief processing, PTSD, anxiety, anger, fear, depression.

In light of the recent devastating disaster fires in Maui, we have extended our program's scope to encompass all age groups free of charge to all of our Maui community members.

To schedule a free appointment, book a session using our online booking tool here.

Each session is available up to 6 people per session except on Weds mornings 10:30AM - 12:30PM.

Tuesday will now be reserved for Schools, 1st Responders and healing events, agencies clients and their staff to attend Equine and mindfulness sessions to help restore and rebuild our resilience within our giving community.

For the Lahaina residents Weds morning appointments please add your pick up address and Beachin Rides will pick you up there beginning at 8AM Weds and return in the early afternoon. If you have question please feel free to call or text us at 808-280-7070

For questions, please call (808) 280-7070 or email

To volunteer, please contact us at 808-280-7070 or email, especially if you have equine experience.

For agencies that would like to bring groups please call us at 808-280-7070.

Located upcountry five minutes past Maui Winery.

Spirit Horse Ranch (@thespirithorseranch) is a nonprofit providing trauma-informed care through equine therapy services on an idyllic, 132-acre, fifth-generation ranch located on the southwest slope of Haleakalā, Maui.

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