MEO Employment Services

MEO provides a comprehensive range of services and training to assist low income and legal permanent residents prepare for employment and to help them maintain employment once they are hired.

Once eligibility, which includes low income and/or legal permanent residency are determined, intake and assessment proceeds.  MEO staff will formally assess each client’s aptitudes, skills, interests, English proficiency, family stability and determine barriers to employment and job security.

So if you:

  • are looking for work
  • need help getting prepared for an interview
  • need help getting to and from work
  • need a specific skill to get hired or increase your pay
  • don’t know how to create a resume
  • need help with the English language
  • want to participate in a training to make you more employable
  • could benefit from financial literacy

If you have employment barriers such as being unemployed or underemployed, child care, health care, limited work history, or a criminal record.

Contact MEO’s Employment Services Specialist:  Jan Cerizo at 808-243-4371 or email

Vocational Training is also provided through MEO’s Employment Services program.  Clients learn a new skill and become more employable.  The following are photos showing clients who participated in the phlebotomy and nurse aide training.  Upon graduation, they immediately secured employment in the health care field.

Click here for an MEO Employment Services Application

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