QUEST Integration (Medicaid) members

The State of Hawaii Department of Human Services Med-QUEST Division has PAUSED all terminations and eligibility renewals for Maui County residents for the remainder of 2023.

Please know that the following applies for all Med-QUEST members statewide:

  • Med-QUEST has paused terminations for the remainder of 2023, meaning coverage will continue through at least the end of this year without interruption except for those who voluntarily ask Med-QUEST to end their coverage, those who have moved out of state or those who are deceased.
  • If Med-QUEST can successfully renew your eligibility at this time, we will, and a pink letter confirming your renewed coverage will be mailed to you.
  • If Med-QUEST is unable to renew your coverage at this time, your renewal date will be pushed out to a new month after this pause.
  • Notice of your new renewal month will be mailed to you.
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