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When the wildfires devastated Maui we expanded our mission to include broadly supporting the Upcountry community. This means that we provide direct and indirect aide to those affected by the wildfires - those displaced by the Upcountry fires, those Upcountry helping to house survivors of any of the wildfires, those Upcountry who lost jobs due to the fires, etc. We do this through supplying items such as food, personal hygiene supplies, and water, so that these households can concentrate on the important things. We also provide support to other groups who are doing the work. And through our partnership with Maui Food Bank, we are now also able to utilize resources to immediately address emergency food situations.

Our response to the multiple fires on Maui is ever changing. For up-to-date information on volunteer opportunities, donation requests, and how to request help, please go to our  UpCountry Strong Facebook Page or our Instagram at @upcountrystrong

Click here to volunteer to help at the Upcountry Strong Pukalani Hub.

Click here to learn more about Upcountry Strong. Upcountry Strong, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing support to those facing food insecurity in the Upcountry Maui community.

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