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The Maui Medics Healers Hui mobilized in response to the devastating Lāhainā Fires, in August of 2023. We have been working with health care providers on the west side and we’ve been there ever since. We provide a variety of services as we try to maintain stability in a very uncertain and unstable dynamic after a very traumatizing disaster. We have been a consistent thread of support during a deeply traumatizing time to the island of Maui. We had over 400 volunteers from doctors, nurses, mental health, cultural, Lomi Lomi, and acupuncture practitioners. We ran talk story circles twice a day to facilitate processing big emotions. We are a Kānaka Maoli led team that provides grassroots community driven services and empowers the people.  

Our health care provider volunteers have been on the west side and because many are from Maui and plan to continue providing care for the long haul. Our hui provides multidisciplinary care from traditional Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian) healers, to western and eastern medicine as we strive to create spaces for healing after a very traumatizing disaster.  We understand the violence of entry and exit that often happens in volunteer work after a disaster and are committed to being a consistent, long term support during this time of great need to the island of Maui.

Maui Medic Healers Hui’s mission is to facilitate getting care to vulnerable populations and to provide grounded, culturally appropriate physical, mental, emotional, spiritual support in times of distress and repair.

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